Plastic waste becomes recyclED boards

Plastic waste for all-purpose boards

In a patented manufacturing process, mixed plastic waste is shredded and pressed into a robust plate in a tool mould. 

These all-purpose boards are durable, weatherproof, waterproof, easy to clean (even with graffiti) and recyclable. They contain no resins or adhesives. Recycled boards have similar processing possibilities as wood.

 Specifications (Download)

Reducing CO2 emissions   

Each board is made of 30kg mixed plastic! 

Reuse saves as much CO2 as a car emits over a distance of 500km*.

*corresponds to the value of unburned plastic

products and applications

recyclED boards made from plastic waste


Plywood alternative

The robust all-purpose board are ideally suited for outdoor and wet applications. Like plywood, they are easy to process, but do not rot or decompose and are resistant to damp conditions.


mDF alternative

This all-purpose board with a slightly glossy surface has been developed as a sustainable alternative to MDF (medium density fibreboard made of wood) for the furniture industry and shopfitting. It has a harder top layer and can be machined on CNC machines with high accuracy.