Outdoor recycling boards


The robust all-purpose boards are ideally suited for outdoor and applications in wet areas. 

Our outdoor recycled boards are used as an alternative to plywood panels and can be processed as easily as wood. They do not rot nor disintegrate and are resistant in humid conditions.
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Outdoor recycling boards 

Masses 2440 x 1220 x 19 mm
Weight 10 kg / m²

 Dichte ca. 589 kg / m³
Top layer PE / PP
Mixed plastic without PVC
Colours Black mottled
Green mottled
Grey mottled
Thickness tolerances
+/- 2 mm
1.4 mm / m / 10°C
UV protection given


REcycling boards outdoor

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Construction sites, events
Barriers, privacy screens or protective fences for construction sites.


Agriculture, stable construction
Easy-to-clean floor and wall panels for fattening and small livestock buildings.


garage, barns
Gates and doors for barns and garages: lighter as wood, easy to clean.

baffles, gangways

sports ground
Advertising boards for sports fields or gyms.


garden supplies
Individuelle Gestaltung von langlebigen Hochbeeten für Blumen, Kräuter und Gemüse oder als Einsatz von Rasenkanten.

slope protection

building sites
Supporting structures of earth masses before eruption.


Cities, municipalities
Urban furniture for cities and municipalities. 
Schachtwände, wasserfest


Passgenaue Schächte einfach selber herstellbar. Langlebig, wetter- und wasserfest, nicht verrottend. 

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