We all know the plastic waste problem - worldwide and also in Switzerland. We have enough!  

Together with sustainable companies  - and those who want to be - we develop innovative products and applications   from plastic waste. 

The basis are our recycling boards, which are made of 100% mixed plastic waste and can be processed similar to wooden boards.  We process different kinds of plastics. 

Our boards can be ordered as   Outdoor Version   or as  Indoor Version  


Give plastics a second chance!


Our recycled boards and products made from 100% mixed plastic waste can be ordered online. 

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Product launch October 2021
Bird feeders station pickeria

With the PICKERIA you don't just hang a bird feeder in the garden or on the balcony.  

You are making a statement about your commitment to the circular economy and waste recycling instead of waste incineration: Our PICKERIA is made from recycled plastic waste.  COemissions are also reduced through reuse of plastic waste. 

Of course, the PICKERIA is also weather and water resistant. 

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our contribution to the circular economy  

To increase the reuse of mixed plastic waste that is difficult to recycle, which in Switzerland is usually incinerated, UpBoards has an innovative and recyclable solution: our multi-purpose recycling board.

In this way we promote the circular economy with pcycling and contribute to the reduction of  CO emissions.                  

We develop closed-loop projects with our industrial partners. In these, the plastic waste is processed into new products that the company can then reuse and distribute.