Our recycled boards can be used for multiple purposes.

The most popular use cases: 

Hochbeet aus recycliertem Plastikabfall

gardening beds

garden supplies
Individual design of long-lasting gardening beds for flowers, herbs and vegetables or use the plates as lawn edges.
Tischplatte aus recycliertem Plastikabfall


office table
Table cut on demand for various desk settings.
Schachtwände, wasserfest, aus recycliertem Plastikabfall

Shaft walls

Custom-fit manholes easy to make yourself. Durable, weatherproof and waterproof, non-rotting. 

More use cases

Beschriftungen aus Plastikabfall


production companies
Machine markings, guidance systems and information signs in the factory.
UV-gedruckte Wandbilder für Fotografien oder Grafiken für freie Wandflächen


wall surfaces
UV-printed wall pictures for photographs or graphics for free wall surfaces.
Hangsicherung mit rezyklierten Plastikplatten

slope protection

building sites
Supporting structures of earth masses before eruption.
Kletterwand aus recycliertem Plastikabfall

Climbing wall

For playgrounds or in your own garden
Simple climbing walls for private use
Möbel aus recycliertem Plastikabfall


furniture industry
Sustainable furniture cores in the furniture industry simplify recycling..
Schlagwände und Banden aus recycliertem Plastikabfall

baffles, gangways

sports ground
Advertising boards for sports fields or gyms.
Sichtschutz aus recycliertem Plastikabfall


Construction sites, events
Barriers, privacy screens or protective fences for construction sites.
Sitzbänke aus recycliertem Plastikabfall


Cities, municipalities
Urban furniture for cities and municipalities. 
Stallboden aus recycliertem Plastikabfall

Stable floors

Agriculture, stable construction
Easy-to-clean floor and wall panels for fattening and small livestock buildings.
Theken aus recycliertem Plastikabfall

counters and elements

Sales or reception counters or simple coffee tables for customers and employees.
Tore aus recycliertem Plastikabfall


garage, barns
Gates and doors for barns and garages: lighter as wood, easy to clean.
Wände und Abdeckungen im Nassbereich aus recycliertem Plastikabfall


interior finishing
Toilets and shower partitions or covers in wet areas.

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