plastic waste as A building envelope

Circular economy in THE humanitarian SECTOR

UpBoards GmbH is a supplier of boards made from recycled plastic waste for the "BOXShelter", a lightweight construction system of BOXS AG for the humanitarian sector. The modular room system was developed by BOXS AG together with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) and the High-Tech Centre Aargau (HTZ), especially for humanitarian purposes.

The idea is to recycle the plastic waste generated in refugee camps in a closed cycle, to produce recycled boards and to build accommodation for those in need.

The project not only provides adequate and safe shelter for people in need, but also promotes recycling through the reuse of plastic waste and reduces environmental impact. In addition, the entire value chain creates new jobs in the local economy and ultimately contributes to a higher standard of living for the population. 

The BOXShelter is a final application made of recycled panels from BOXS AG.