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Pedro Wirz - Kunsthalle Basel 


For his work "Flor Satélite" Pedro Wirz has used our recycled boards. Material recycling is an important part of his art, whereby he skillfully integrates references to environmental problems.

In the video Pedro Wirz explains how his art piece was created from "boiled plastic waste".

Many thanks Pedro for this wonderful work of art, which shows how multipurpose our recycled panels are!

The exhibition takes place from 21.01.2022 to 01.05.2022 at the Kunsthalle in Basel.

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SWISS INNOVATION FORUM - November 18, 2021:

FUTURE EXPO participation

At the invitation of the Hightech Zentrum Aargau we participated this year in the Future Expo of the Swiss Innovation Forum.

A great platform to show the participants that mixed waste should not continue to be incinerated on a large scale in Switzerland, but is a valuable material from which a variety of applications can be produced! Including reduction of CO2 emissions. 

The interest of the participants was accordingly ;-) 

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Produktelaunch Oktober 2021:

Vogelfutterstation Pickeria

With the PICKERIA you don't just hang a bird feeder in the garden or on the balcony.

Sie setzen ein Zeichen für Ihr Engagement der Kreislaufwirtschaft und der Abfallwiederverwertung statt Verbrennung:

Unsere PICKERIA ist aus recyceltem Kunststoffabfall hergestellt. Auch der CO2-Ausstoss wird durch die Wiederverwendung reduziert.

Of course, the PICKERIA is also weather and water resistant. 

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Product launch JulY 2021:

Our children chair KIDUPSI available in the Online shop

With KIDUPSI you will not only put a smile on your children's faces.

You help directly to reuse existing plastic waste, to promote the circular economy and thus to reduce  CO2 emissions.

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Participation AT The SGE Symposium Winterthur: a success 

On September 2, 2021, the 9th Swiss Green Economy / SGE Symposium took place in Winterthur. As an exhibitor, our innovative company demonstrated to participants from business, politics and science how recyclable plastic boards can be produced from otherwise incinerated mixed plastic waste using the latest technology and know-how. Our use case examples showed the many interested visitors to our booth not only how versatile such boards are, but also how we do closed-loop projects together with our customers. 

It was a very successful event, we thank the event organizers!

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Opening Of the research project "KREIS HAUS"

The research project KREIS Haus in Feldbach (Zurich) was launched by ZHAW and their partners. We from UpBoards have sponsored some recycling boards. These were built into a multifunctional furniture and two raised gardening beds. Many thanks to the ZHAW for this opportunity.

KREIS Haus offers tours and workshops on the topic:  

"How a functioning circular economy can be implemented in buildings in the smallest of spaces. From the building materials to the nutrients from the wastewater - everything is in the cycle".   

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Information event circular economy Buchs (AG)

On August 12, 2021, an information event on the topic of circular economy took place at the premises of Transport AG Aarau in Buchs. The focus was primarily on plastics, whose recycling in Switzerland (with the exception of PET) is still in its early stages.

Four local entrepreneurs, the local section of the GLP party in Buchs and the association Swiss Recycling have impressively demonstrated the opportunities and limitations of sustainable cycles.  In Switzerland, for example, a large proportion of these plastics still ends up in incineration. Recycling these materials is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and secures Switzerland's access to raw materials that are alternatively only imported from abroad.
Raphael Markstaller presented at this information event and showed the interested audience how mixed plastic waste can be recycled into plastic boards that can be used in a variety of ways.

Upboards @ Praxiszirkel Kreislaufwirtschaft

Opportunities and benefits of the circular economy, a topic we deal with intensively.

At the invitation of the Hightech Zentrum/HTZ Aargau, Raphael Markstaller presented the practical example "Innovative recycling boards made of mixed plastic" during the HTZ's kick-off event "Praxiszirkel Kreislaufwirtschaft" on June 8, 2021. 

This cross-sector event for producers and processors as well as interested parties who want to take a closer look at the topic of the circular economy and new business models based on it will use practical examples and expert input to illustrate the opportunities and benefits of a circular economy.At the invitation of the Hightech Zentrum/HTZ Aargau, Raphael Markstaller presented the practical example "Innovative recycling boards made of mixed plastic" during the HTZ's kick-off event "Praxiszirkel Kreislaufwirtschaft" on June 8, 2021. 


Our recycled boards are now available in all Coop Bau&Hobby stores

After a successful first phase starting in November 2019 in 6 Coop Bau+Hobby stores, we will supply all 39 stores throughout Switzerland with our recycled boards starting in December 2020! 

We are pleased about the trust and cooperation with Coop Bau+Hobby and their customers: we have "captured" customer reactions in the video. 


Swiss Innovation Forum 17.-19. November 2020

As one of three start-ups, we were nominated by the canton of Aargau to participate in the Swiss Innovation Forum 2020! 

uper - a great sign of recognition for our innovative product. 

During the three-day online event, we had many networking opportunities to promote ourselves and our products throughout Switzerland.


Opening of the cleantechLAB In Liestal

Sustainable start-ups receive support                  

On 15 October 2020 the opening of cleantechLAB was celebrated in a joint networking event with the Startup Academy Liestal. Upboards was one of the selected 6 start-ups, which were invited to introduce themselves. 

The approx. 120 participants (online and on site) were enthusiastic about our recycling boards! 

Thanks to the organizers for allowing us to present our plates made of recycled plastic waste and their application examples!    

SERVICE launch OCTOBER 2020: online shop                 

Our recycling boards can now be ordered online!  

Visit our webshop and find there as well our popular products and services.    

We also offer cutting services for our recycling boards. Based on your sketches or drawings, we will be happy to advise you on the best order.   

Product launch September 2020: outdoor Cabinet  

Nothing is left lying around in the garden or on the terrace: Our spacious outdoor cabinet is ideal for storing garden tools, cushions or equipment in a weatherproof location. The cabinet can be opened and closed elegantly by remote control. The materials used make the cabinet extremely stable and maintenance free. 

The cabinet can be ordered in our shop, where further trays can also be requested via the comments field in the shopping cart.  

Product launch June 2020: Bicycle Shelters with roof greening  

     Velopa has eveloped bicycle shelters with green roofs in cooperation with the Advisory Centre for Nature and Environment. The greenery consists of undemanding, low, low-maintenance vegetation such as sedum plants, wild flowers or herb mixtures.

Our sustainably produced boards made of 100% recycled mixed plastic form the substrate for this. This special roof structure also protects the green roof permanently against frost and thus the freezing of the roots.

Combine the protection for your bicycles with more habitat for plants and small animals: a valuable contribution to biodiversity! 

The bicycle shelters are available immediately from Velopa.
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Product launch May 2020: Mähroboter Garage 

Together with Lüscher-Landtechnik AG we developed a mowing robot garage made of weatherproof materials.           

With the robust shelter made of our recycling plates your mowing robot remains protected from rain and small hailstorms 

The mowing robot garages are now available from Lüscher Landtechnik AG. 

BLätterkatalog GRÜNER GARTEN 2020  

Supplement Coop Newspaper 21/2020

May 18, 2020

Coop Bau&Hobby advertises the cool recycled panels for indoors and outdoors in the newspaper supplement "Grüner Garten". 

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Symposium Mare Nostrum:
Against plastic waste in our seas, lakes and rivers.

Rotary International (organised by Rotary CH, Arlesheim)
March 13, 2020 - cancelled

At the Rotary event "Mare Nostrum" we would have shown upboards and our application examples for boards made of recycled plastic waste. Since the event was cancelled because of Covid-19, all participants received our video. In our video we also show you our project in the Jordanian refugee camp Zaatari.  
The video is in German, the presented use case are self explanatory.

shift switzerland 2020 

swiss plastics expo, Messe Luzern
21.-23. January 2020

Together with a medium-sized production company, which changes to more sustainable products whereever available, our end-use application "Wall scratch protection" was developed... 

Wall scratch protection with recyled material

swiss plastics expo
January 2020

Our "Wall scratch protection" made of recycled, sustainable material can be ordered now. 

UpBoards in The "Umweltarena"

We are exhibition partner of the Umweltarena in Spreitenbach!
December 2019

You find us on the 2nd floor with background information and recycled plastic board you can touch in the "building material" section.

From Waste to Plastic Boards

December 2019

The boards produced from plastic waste can be used and processed for various purposes like wooden boards, UpBoards GmbH explains in a press release. Founded at the end of last year...

Alternative made from recycled plastic

December 2019

The recycled boards from Upboards GmbH in Gränichen, Aargau, consist of 100 percent recycled plastic waste. The all-purpose boards are manufactured according to a patented process...

FIrst Mover: COop Bau&HobbY

6 Test branches in German-speaking Switzerland
November 2019

The first recycled boards for home use are available in the Coop Bau&Hobby stores in Egerkingen, Unterentfelden, Kaiseraugst, Thalwil (ZH), Interlaken and Schenkon!

Odoo • Text and Image

NEW LIFE For plastic waste

Circular Hub Magazin
June 2019

The UpBoards team has the vision of a completely closed circuit. On the one hand, this means that instead of new raw materials, they use recycled or used materials...