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Flexible, young, dynamic 

UpBoards GmbH is close to its customers and develops tailored and individual solutions.

Raphael Markstaller, CEO

Together with our partners, we are committed to a closed-loop economy and ensure greater awareness.


Yannick Tuch, Head of sales & Marketing

Together with our customers, we seek ways away from the take-make-waste mentality.


Joel Mathew, Head of Development

Waste can create many meaningful end-uses for businesses.



Developing cool applications of our recycled plastic boards together with our customers: this shows the value of plastic waste. Reuse instead of incinerating. 



Plastic is not supposed to go in the incinerator. It has to be reused, to remain in the circular economy.


Tamara  Müller, Sales & Marketing

"What we do today will decide tomorrow what the world looks like".

The recycling of plastic waste is a personal concern for me, that's why I wanted to become a part of UpBoards.


Miriam Häfeli, HR & accounting

Give plastic a second chance! This sentence was completely decisive to want to become a part of UpBoards.