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Flexible, young, dynamic 

UpBoards GmbH is close to its customers and develops tailored and individual solutions.

Raphael Markstaller, CEO

Together with our partners, we are committed to a closed-loop economy and ensure greater awareness.


Yannick Tuch, Head of sales & Marketing

Together with our customers, we seek ways away from the take-make-waste mentality.


Joel Mathew, Head of Development

Waste can create many meaningful end-uses for businesses.


Tamara  Müller, Market development & Innovation

"What we do today will decide tomorrow what the world looks like".

The recycling of plastic waste is a personal concern for me, that's why I wanted to become a part of UpBoards.



Plastic is not supposed to go in the incinerator. It has to be reused, to remain in the circular economy.


DAMIR SULEJMANOVSKI, Market development & Innovation

The resources we consume today will be lacking for future generations.  Therefore, as a company, we take responsibility and reduce the consumption of primary resources through sustainability and circular economy by reusing and recycling mixed plastics waste.


Miriam Häfeli, HR & accounting

Give plastic a second chance! This sentence was completely decisive to want to become a part of UpBoards.