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UPCYCLING and circular economy

UpBoards GmbH uses the latest technologies for the production of  recycling boards made from waste products.

Together with our customers, we promote the reuse and enhancement of their waste and develop end applications.

We contribute to the implementation of the circular economy and to the reduction of CO2 emissions together.

ReCycling PANELS for your Use CaSEs

UpBoards GmbH is a young company open for innovative approaches and ideas concerning circular economy products

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sustainable RECYCLING boards

sustainable projects

Produkt Stormboards - Reyclingplatten aus Plastikabfall

Recycling BOARDSN

made from plastic waste

Recycling boards are all-purpose boards made from 100% recycled plastic waste. In a patented up-cycling manufacturing process, mixed plastic waste is shredded and pressed into a mold to form a robust plate.

Produkt BOXS Light als Endanwendung für die Humanitäre Hilfe

BOXS Light

building solutions for humanitarian aid

BOXS Light is a lightweight construction system of  BOXS AG, constructed from recycled plastic boards. The aim is to reduce housing shortages and create jobs in developing countries by promoting re- and upcycling end-applications.


From now on, our recycled boards are an integral part of the exhibition in the Umweltarena in Spreitenbach.

You can find background information and recycled panels to touch in the "building material" section on the 2nd floor.