Circular economy: New Products from Plastic waste 

We all know the plastic waste problem worldwide and also in Switzerland. We have enough of it!

Together with sustainable companies - and those who want to be become one - we develop innovative products and usage applications from plastic waste.

The basis are our recycling boards, which are made of 100% mixed plastic waste and can be processed similar to wooden boards.  We process thedifferent types of plastics, preferably polyoelefins.
Our boards can be purchased as outdoor version o as indoor version.

REcycling Boards

The all-purpose boards are durable, weatherproof, waterproof, easy to clean (even with graffiti) and recyclable. They contain no resins or adhesives.

 The recycled boards have similar processing possibilities as wooden boards.
recyclingplatte outdoor allzweckplatte


plywood -Alternative
Size: 2471 x 1235 x 19 mm

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recyclingplatte indoor allzweckplatte


Size: 2506 x 1258 x 19 mm
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Now Available at Coop Bau+Hobby

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Produktelaunch June 2020: Bicycle Shelters with roof greening 

Velopa has developed bicycle shelters with green roofs in cooperation with the Advisory Centre for Nature and the Environment. The greenery consists of undemanding, low-maintenance vegetation such as sedum plants, wild flowers or herb mixtures.

Our sustainably produced panels made of 100% recycled mixed plastic form the basis for this. This special roof structure also protects the green roof permanently against frost and thus the freezing of the roots.

Combine the protection for your bikes with more habitat for plants and small animals: a valuable contribution to biodiversity! 

The bicycle shelters are now available from Velopa.

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 Velounterstände mit Dachbegrünung

our contribution to the circular economy  

To increase the reuse of mixed plastic waste being difficult to recycle, which in Switzerland is usually incinerated, UpBoards has an innovative and recyclable solution: our recycling board, which can be used for a variety of applications.

In this way we promote the circular economy with upcycling and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. 

In closed-loop projects with our industrial partners, together we develop solutions in which the company's internal plastic waste is processed into new products which the company can then reuse.